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[A]. www. savefuelendwar. com 1,2,3,4: Play Podcast Download Podcast
approx. 30% reduction of energy consumption/costs in US, while reducing local and international crime,improving health:

1) Electrical, turn off the street and building lights when no one is there: Play Podcast Download Podcast
open source, reviews and designs of modular assembly’s of generic available hardware, kits and parts and finished versions for sale.
a. Motion Lighting combined with cameras and cameras on cars,to reduce your energy bill, fight crime, battery backup option. motion camera
b. Constitutional Cameras methods and camera reviews , sealed open by police post crime, you avoid witness risk. no network or central recorder to steal. tamper resistant and each camera and its SD card recording must be individually destroyed by the criminal. A few months of triggering was stored when one was opened to investigate a crime, it depends on the location and the size of the card.
Phase 1. $45,000 Test, Report on more camera brands, detailed plans and bill of materials, online sources, local store sources and new designs and application scenarios: 6 months
Phase 2. $50,000 Inventory and Direct sales of kits and preconstructed models of Phase 1 designs: 6 months,
c. Constitutional Software Radio noise recorders, as above. $160,000 to deliveries
d. Model Private Local Security: self funding co-services, no drug enforcement-lobby for legalization, "copwatch".
d1. Camera road vehicles,Bullet resistant driver capsule,non lethal disruptors, wheelchair taxi/home care/meal delivery/journalism stringer.
d2. 1/100 cost of police helicopters, private fixed wing silent muffled cubs/champs, open stcs
$40,000 FAA certifying German mufflers.
$1,000,000 FAA certification allowing Re-engine with Rotax and crash resistant fuel systems modifications at $50,000, new aircraft $200,000

2) Reduce Vehicle fuel consumption, new methods:
Conversion of used Prius vehicles , application, demonstration, and humiliating car companies into faster improvements.
a. applications: used Prius etc vehicle conversion, licensing, parts, APE/TukTuk/VWvan/Hvan variation
b: methods:
b1., banned in F1! patent2on Google local pdf cache patent1
b2. Mono Celled Electric, patentapp1 ,
c. further publicity Demonstration: Baja 1000 on a tank of gasoline (
Phase 1
Phase 2
c: outdoor stored, indestructible, flat tire proof, semi folding, fast locking cargo bicycle with high visibility colors and lighting.

3)Reinvent methods of simultaneous nitrogen fixing harvests to avoid fuel derived fertilizer:
a. example method: plant a nitrogen fixing soft string bean around a romaine lettuce to self fertilize, chop it all up harvest to produce a salad bean mix.
b. Separating toilets make sanitizing with human fertilizer much easier, plumbing and greenhouse outhouse.

4) Save Energy,Reduce Sinus Problems in buildings,trailers:
The challenge is to:
a. modify/maintain existing buildings easily and cheaply.
b. create vehicles/trailers/prefabs so comfortable and useful that you want to live in them even when they are parked next your house.

[B]. Improving Health Care:
a. Self Poop banking Play Podcast Download Podcast for future Antibiotic Clostridium D.
b. nasal wash scientifically verified formula easy bottle (,and other health salines
c. Weak AC electrical bacterial and cancer disruption Play Podcast Download Podcast,
d. 24hr painless Blood Pressure Play Podcast Download Podcast and EKG recording Arduino Play Podcast Download Podcast
e. A theory about managing an inflamed shoulder joint and biceps tendon, or tingling or numbness in the pinky finger

f. Reviews of Chinese EKG's, Alivecor, use of Lewis leads, stroke prevention Play Podcast Download Podcast
g. NanoLiter test trays, hours instead of days to culture
h. Mouth swab inter-cellular spectography for non invasive fast portable electrolyte testing Play Podcast Download Podcast

i. Ultrasound, DIY methods, review of Chinese devices
j. painless non destructive avoiding DoNotRecussitate order Pseudo Intubation Soft Helmet, DIY CPR robots,

review of colonoscopy alternatives, MRI, Pillcam
new alternative to bariatric surgery on the way

k. Demonstration:
Pressure suits and other testing on Whitney and Everest Everest is StuPid, so is Mars Play Podcast Download Podcast
Cold weather inside out suits Play Podcast Download Podcast

l. Teepee Bars

[C]. Improving Personal Fitness and Hygiene:
a. Bicycle Electrical Generator and Fan/Desk patent1 Play Podcast Download Podcast
b. HydraHeadsets for bike or general use (
c. SuperGravity Knee Brace Trainer/Posture video1 video2
d. Quiet Foot dryers, post shower etc.
e. Breathable Shoes, and all terrain tap dance
f. Bad Breath portable fix
g. Athlete's Foot Brush Bottles applying coconut oil or terbinafine
h. Masks for allergies and infections

[D]. BigSaline ( Surfing, Swimming and Everyone:
a Surfer/Swimmer Protection wetsuit additives
b. Car Window Sun, Sleeping Privacy Shades
c. nasal wash scientifically verified formula easy bottle (,and other health salines for home and remote health care
d. Camper Shells for work and surfing, camping, motocross racing etc. steel video, aluminum video .

[E]. Software, computer hardware:
a. , problems and solutions, mostly open source
Your desktop work = slide show= Mailable Multi document linked website
c. Database ERP checkregister. Never obsolete quickbooks replacement (
d.Service of Loading Linux to Computers and Routers
e.Bulletin Board Text Router Private local wifi communications
f.Mesh systems
g.outside the router sniffers,Peer to peer machines.
h.Ethernet manual timer/kill switch hack protection
i. trackball laptops with phone built in?

increasing safety by 10 times will come from socioeconomic purpose and employer control as above in 2. d.
a. see above anti crime which also applies to psuedocopter
c. unmanned vehicles will have application, manned vehicles still relevant due to radio congestion and constitutional issues.
d. Political campaign to put yarn on scheduled airliners windows
e. Non Melting and Fire Resistant better looking clothing ( ( retroproto logo
Aircraft patents and applications
f.Damage resistant inflatable aircraft
g.Roadable VTOL aircraft design for Darpa RFP received favorable search for patentability but abandoned to public domain

[G]. Other:
a. Tools For Hollywood is a method of locally renting, developing products as a incubator for national and global application.
Los Angeles is an opportunity to rent equipment to the media industries, that can serve as a stepping stone to wider adoption of a technology.

[H]. Television show: Education/ Trade Licenses add up to Degrees,
some episodes just up at YouTube RetroProto . Education can be free, and you don't have to be get up early or be debt abused, and you can choose both trade school and university education content at the same time. Reading is 1000 times faster than going to school, Audio Listening is 100 times faster and you can work at something else at the same time, like duh, something useful! why should school remove people from being paid?(including exercise, see generator bike desk, multi headsets above).

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