Hello Hot Cams et al.,

I have attached two similar valve sequencing diagrams from a patent I got. The theoretical goal is to do the Baja 1000 on a single tank of gas, but in practice it will probably be in the US with smaller tank and shorter events. (It would also use an electric kinetic energy recovery system that I have a published patent application on, and a 2dcut lightweight electric motor patent that was granted)
It is Atkinson compression stroke wasting timing, combined with internal exhaust gas recirculation combined with some fuel or water injected with the re-ingested exhaust gas. Compression pressure would have to be recovered from this loss by some method, alternate pistons, some kind of supercharging, a mini paxton /vortech.

1. Do you think there is an advantage to using a dual ovh cam engine such as a Kaswasaki 450F? or is one gear tooth of adjustablility way to crude to have any field expediency?

2. The appearance of a street legal machine might be beneficial to me, even the resultant machine is no longer CARB. (it would however have reduced emissions and a testable comparison to the original configuration would be good for the project) The Husqavarna FE501 and the KTM 500EXC-F would be race readyish , both are single cam, see point 1.

3. I guess I would have to have a new bike delivered to your lab, and one of these models might be on your development list anyway. I live in Los Angeles.

Thank You for any thoughts,