links to nano speed culturing papers and potential equipment suppliers

makin nanoliters like them...

nano culture

Here are a couple of pdf files with some information fullnanoltr.pdf culturenano.pdf

PDMS plastic for molding of nanowells resin supply? polydimethylsiloxane

positive nano mold source, natural? wood? ?

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Nanowells 1nl

an alternative method of steel backed more rigid silicon Nanowells

other weird approaches

above is a silicon wafer small production contractor that I can fax some stuff too.

although I see some effort in the lab supply space to supply smaller wells, I don’t see the true nanoliter out there

To get the increase in reaction speed that avoids agitation aeration issues may require purchasing 5000 dollars worth of silicon wafer etching equipment and creating the nano equipment ourselves, this maybe a viable business that helps science on its own, or the big guns will finally start selling the finished materials to us so we don’t have to make them, more on this science business plan here

Here is an email conversation I had about this topic:

To: ">

Dear Francis,

Sorry I just saw your answer now.
Actually we are not making the mold on purpose, our offer is based on the equipment for you to do yourself your own mold.
However I could advise you on who may do them for you so please can you give me more information on the mold you need?

Do you have a draw of the design?
Which is the thickness you want to have?
Which is the smallest features?

Best regards,


I would like the mold(s) fabricated by you and then hopefully I could create the silicone parts as needed. But it is possible I do not understand the practical difficulties.


On 12/9/2016 8:36 AM, Sebastien Cargou wrote:
Dear Francis,

My name is Sebastian, I am working at BlackHole Lab, we are a spin off of Elveflow created to handle all the microfabrication part, that's why we received your inquiry from them.

Please can you tel me if you just want the mold, or perhaps just some chips? or if you want to have the equipment to do these mold by yourself?

Best regards,


Sebastian Cargou, PhD