Everest is StuPid, so is Mars

Everest is STupiD.

Yuri's night 2017

Francis, TheFrancisExplosion.com up

What would not be stupid?

Mountain Top Telecommunications Contracts = purpose , funding.

Rapid Medical Equipment Testing and Development = purpose, funding (Brain water, Lung water, Frostbite, Hypothermia, Dehydration, Electrolyte imbalance, Brain Damage, The Bends, Pnumothorax, Lightning strikes, avalanche)

Actions Taken so far:

  1. Full time Indiegogo solicitation position is funded, but not staffed yet.
  2. Ultrasound machine in use for detection/prediction/ baselining before and after of Water in the Lungs or Brain. Much paper studies and direct contact with practice at Cedars Studies. A much more compact veterinary type for China 1k or shirt Pocket GE is 5 to 10k?
  3. Functional version of arm mounted non-painful 24hr Blood Pressure recorder with 24hr EKG 'Lewis Lead' and remote O2 sensor built in. (disposable type tape Finger best but we need to try for ear.) Modified Chinese products have been tested and used for a few years also.
  4. Comparison test of mouth cell inside cell electrolyte testing by Raman Spectroscopy as an alternative to blood draw with reageant tests a la Abbot device. More work to be done in the device and doctor acceptance of different protocol and consensus standard.
  5. Low Rpm direct drive generator for low wind/human/water max generation, built, patented. Application underway for step change efficient electric braking energy recovery systems suitable for mountain ascent descent for common vehicles electric and hybrid.
  6. Multi arm space suit prototype built, see photo

    Everest climbing suit designed

    Internal mask option prototyped, pressure breathing contemplated

  7. Vertical Casualty Extraction gurney and sleeping device as cargo trailer (for Litening Resitant Tents, prototype built.
  8. Base Camp water truck with Radio Relay stations built for Whitney type Medical Research.
  9. Design for packable Faraday Cage Tent to leave unmanned to test for Lightning Strike Survival Quality, and future use as on Mountain Whitney type Medical Research.
  10. Design for Pressurized Fabric tent within a tent with further lightning strike isolation.
  11. Survey of pumps, direct wind powered, electrical wobble and diaphragm, bellows similar to pipe organs, wheel and sit powered. Some tests.
  12. Highly insulated base camp mini trailer, parts and test prototypes work done.