These stickers are available, that attempt to show the privacy issues of these cameras and the need to report an incident..

Outdoor Night Lighting is maybe 30 to 50% of US electrical consumption (US energy
dept does not track gov/municipal lighting energy). Always on Lighting can be
replaced with motion detectors switches and private security cameras that are
not part of the governments networks. Local crime and international war over energy
could be reduced. We would all save money. The methods shown here allow partial
self/local manufacture from readily available parts.

The top photos has a battery backup for a separate 12 volt motion detector lights and powers the camera
I would like to make a universal power sharing module of low loss mosfets or diodes to auto switch between power sources and battery charging modules.
Below row of photos are some physical installations that are a few years old and seem to be holding up alright (2yrs+).

this is a partially sun-shaded electrical box style adapted from a square D breaker box, it allows pointing and survives the elements (1yr so far).
lights camera lights camera lights camera

another example of Solo Camera Boxes, resistant to rapid tampering, usually associated with lighting from near sources