I should have bought this one, it has the trigger in the sensor head, and the display apparatus can be held in your other hand,

or they have displays that can be attached to your wrist, intended for veterinary use but people are uncooperative animals also.

With unlimited money I would buy this one

I bought this one , but it does not get used because it needs a place to put it , which is not usually available except a slippery spot on the bed or something, and it requires reaching the machine to press the trigger to take a still record:

Potential Area of DIY or remote medicine or professional use that I have collected papers on and tried a little:

1.Water in the Lungs diagnosis or differentiation with other shortness of breath emergencies. Primarily based on the work and publications of Lichtenstein, with these 3 flow charts summarizing the issues:

2. Inferior Vena Cave diameter measurements as a method of treatment to avoid water in the lungs associated with atrial arrythmias, this slide show describes the inaccuracy potential, and I myself have made a mistake based on the diameter being in guidelines given a false believe that the situation was okay. However repeated measurements of the same patient might help in most cases, and when you add it to all the other semi-accurate indications such as body weight and swelling in extremities, BP, BNP, etc, well it is all we have, the best we got, life is not perfect.

3. Measurement of the nerve leading to they eyeball might indicate water pressure in the brain. Perhaps useful for high altitude situations, head injuries , I have these few papers and don’t know that much more about it.

4. Other intriguing uses such as judging bedsores, soft tissue injuries, fatty liver on and on.