Radio Noise Recorder ("Software Radio")

Criminals frequently use cell phones to keep in touch with the driver/lookout while committing crimes such as burglary. See example below.
Because most crime is committed by a small number of very frequent crime committers (often heroin addicts), getting a conviction with maximum evidence, while avoiding being a being a witness and giving testimony: this Radio Noise Recorder captures unprocessed radio frequency noise within a broad range that covers cellphones, wifi, bluetooth, automotive transmitters and other wireless signals that criminals emanate.
The Recorder has no network connection and has no on board method of searching and converting the noise to any kind of understandable signal. Ideally after the crime the police would get a warrant from the court and then the post processing could be done to identify they time and type of equipment sending signals' for example make and model of car from tire pressure radio senders, cell phone from wifi and bluetooth mac address, content of transmission where the court and technology allows decoding such content.

antenna, enclosure, filtration, amplification, digitization of noise into amplitude and frequency and time tagged units, recording to an SD card. erasing and over recording new information over the oldest information. Possible external triggering from motion detection etc. to save before,during and after triggering event.

Hireing and Retaining 10,000
Software Hardware Protype 30,000
Testing 20,000
Manufacturing , 70,000
Testing, Concurrent 20,000
Delivery 10,000

total $ 160,000