Here are some cached key papers about fighting cancer this way
2015 review, 2016 glioma review, 2014 lung

Here is page of links to cancer related scientific papers

Here are some cached key papers about fighting bacteria this way
2010 bacteria lung,
Here is page of links to bacteria related scientific papers

here is a page of links about electrical fields maybe being bad for healthy people

Weak Alternating Electricity seem to have great uses to fight cancer and bacterial infection by spoiling cell replication which cancer does faster than normal cells. These discoveries may also indicate that ordinary electrical fields might be doing some damage to our normal healthy selves. Basic research that should have been done 100 years ago has not been done. Doing this type of research on yourself may be dangerous.
equipment here is for research users and perhaps veterinarians wanting to do research. Simpler smaller devices will be technically easy to fabricate, any patents might be difficult to enforce on individual do it yourselfers. A comprehensive study of rights, including prior art and new patents should be done.

design simpler easier to build and use DIY cancer and bacteria killing electrical field equipment
cancer types and locations
sinus infections

encourage others to do research
do research,
on previously published frequencies.
on unknown frequencies
on radio towers

Thursday June 1 2017, Constructing whole body electrodes for ankles and wrists and neck,but these type of electrodes could be placed on the head or over organs elsewhere. Hypothetically these could be used for widespread cancer or widespread infection.
In this case we are using military style webbing belt buckles with lamp cord soldered to them , these provide cinch sizing and no special assembly work.
The signal generator and usb battery packs are in a fanny pack. amazon has the signal generator, links.
a bnc plug is soldered to the wires, to form switches that could switch between electrodes in a manual versus a future automated way to attack the cells from as many angles as possible. The neck position i assume to be the best is on the trapezious muscle, but I have not tested it there under power. I would not want to put it over any major nerve, especially the vagus nerve. safety issues are unknown,but can possibly be compared to Tens machines and pacemaker standards.

weak electrical ac weak electrical ac

Another potential modality is to reside as close as possible to an AM radio station that is an even multiple of the near 150,000 cycles per second , which is around 600 on your AM radio dial , and there is an antenna near Lincoln park that meets that requirement. Looking into placing some test cells near that antenna to see if growth is different than a control.
Methods of treating sinuses have been attempted
Test of electrodes on my face to kill sinus bacteria have been made, which were tolerable, and becoming more ergonomic, however there is no proof of effectiveness aside from he published papers of lab experiments.

Attempts to replicate these papers, have concentrated of visually indicating bacteria tests

a review of visually indicating bacteria has led to experiments with the galindium? type bacteria already available at the DiyBio 'The Lab' in downtown Los Angeles

An attempt to speed the reaction by having tiny test tubes with needle electrodes made out of pipette tips failed probably due to the lack of agitation and indicating ecoli being trapped in the crevices and failing to multiply in the controls.

This work was done by Cory at this link

tiny test tubes

To get the increase in reaction speed that avoids agitation aeration issues may require purchasing 5000 dollars worth of silicon wafer etching equipment and creating the nano equipment ourselves, this maybe a viable business that helps science on its own, or the big guns will finally start selling the finished materials to us so we don’t have to make them, more on this science business plan here

A first test tried to use a large coil of wire on agar dishes, but did not get rational results

amplified, notes