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How you can start a career in a different field without “experience” by Austin Belcak

a dubious article but:
comments on above article arguing about reality:

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Search the Occupational Outlook Handbook which includes 20 occupations with the highest projected numeric change in employment

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs

You can use the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs website to find a local accredited program in healthcare.

New Castle School Of Trades lists several resources to help you decide if trade school is right for you. Some of the links help with acquiring study tips, following industry news or keeping track of your finances after school

Search indeed for interested jobs and take a look at the skills they are looking for. If multiple postings list a particular skill start researching and learn that skill

Community College

Your local community college is a great resource when you are looking for a job. These colleges have very affordable courses and in particular they may have amazing connections to local industry in your area.

Craigslist charges a fee in order to post jobs on their forum and you may be able to find great job opportunities. Some have been posted directly from the hiring manager and this may lead to a higher likelihood that your resume will be reviewed giving you a better opportunity to get an interview.

Google Maps

If you search for a keyword related to a job title into Google maps it will find several companies around your area related to that keyword. You can then research these companies and even apply directly using their company career website where they list current job openings.
Here is an example of a search for personal care around Los Angeles.

Television show: Education/ Trade Licenses add up to Degrees,
some episodes just up at YouTube RetroProto . Education can be free, and you don't have to be get up early or be debt abused, and you can choose both trade school and university education content at the same time. Reading is 1000 times faster than going to school, Audio Listening is 100 times faster and you can work at something else at the same time, like duh, something useful! why should school remove people from being paid?(including exercise, see generator bike desk, multi headsets below).

The catch is proving that you are qualified and getting paid, thus?: Probationary employment, apprenticeship, self employment, demonstrations, existing tests and finding ways to access these tests without expensive and time consuming requirements, we can creating new tests that make a mockery of the existing system.

The federal government was originally funded entirely from customs trade tariffs of products from outside the US. We had no standing army. Education in much more recent history was nearly free trade schools and graduate degrees. Tax bad, untaxed good, avoid the corruption of direct government funding.
This is what we should strive for , but we should press on without governmental cooperation.
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aviation go to the bottom of the page and search also
Nasa tech reports server
more NASA information

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pilots license written test
scuba/diving, maximum written test

>> "When I was at Boeing, Boeing frequently promoted > graduate >> level distance learning programs with Missouri S&T, especially in Systems >> Engineering. I note that they are in the beginning steps of a cyber >> security program: "

Consider Ga Tech. It might be a little more than the $/credit hour, but it's worth a look.
One school to consider is Charles Sturt University. I know they are
actively promoting education in Information Security and have a
well-established distance learning program:


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shortest to highest pay?
ultrasound technician?

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