Not wanting to have the stick up my ass if I can avoid it, not wanting to have anesthesia in a doctors office while my colon is accidentlaly punctured, not necessarlly believing it is a good idea to hack off a polyp before a biopsy tells us if it is a dangerous malignancy and so merits a wide taking of tissues the first time when it can be done best with margins clear of scar tissue in the scope, thus avoiding a precautionary greusome open surgical cutting off a section of the bowel, colostomy bag and all that.

Looking to try the pill cam! this list is for crohns but it was the only refferal I could find yet for the recently FDA approved use of said cam for colonosopy screening.

I have had MRI colonoscopys twice at UCLA courtesy of
one big advanatage is that they inflate the bowl with water,which you poop back out easily, as compared to inflating with air which causes longer discomfort and work.
more info on MRI colonosopy

if I have the conventional stick up ass my I like the way this doctor goes about it