A decent stirling refrigerator is affordable now and gets super cold, add some back up power and some paperwork overhead and people can supply their own poop for refrigeration prior to surgery or accidents that may cause a clostirdium infection by antibiotics or hospital acquired. It is up to the poop owner to figure out how to put the old better poop back in or have it tested first etc under what supervision.

The heroic poop banking effort in Boston is attempting to comply with all FDA stuff so they have elaborately tested poop donors , or if you donate your own you have to go to Boston and be tested and donate, which is all very expensive but long term may lead to FDA approval of what people have been doing on their own since the 1950s....Meanwhile I don't thing anyone can stop us from freezing our own poop and when comes time to use it then it is up to you to figure out what to do with it, but at least you have an option, and your poop might have some bad bacteria in it but you were health at the time and if you have clostridium you are in bad shape so the risk profile looks decent and the cost is cheap .

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