some open source programmable cameras that have not been realized in SD card way yet

The camera we have installed many over a few years and recovered video after an event. It been discontinued but may still be bought. I does HD with good motion detect , but the hidden flaw is short clip lengths that end with the motion triggering subject is still active in frame, it seems to be a a buffering overload problem associated with HD. It was a great low price. notes elsewhere, link? it seems to be back in production... no light of its own and no wifi on this model but there is on a similar version

ANYSCENE (Anbash) NC233W-IR(trapezoidal)
At last word this one below works, costs more.
This one is working well and has nice features such as IR night, but the lights reflect off protective windows and I am looking at a solution, the motion sub-frame controls seem broken in the software but it performs well, a firmware update perhaps might help. all cameras seem to get hot, along with the metal screw on the back so I am looking to mount it to conductive metal for cooling which in this case will probably be plumbers tape, as it provides repositioning and aiming. possibly sold under other brand names

ANYSCENE (Anbash) NC233W-IR(trapezoidal)
Shenzen Ogemray Technology Company Ltd.
the manufactures ip scanner 'camera setup' opens up you browser at the found ip address saving typing, nice.

I have not been able to set a static ip address and then get back proper access to the camera, dunno. so so far all contact has been by cable through a router. Wireless through router has been achieved with router id and password set in camera, but poor connection from inside car to inside building. a router in the vehicle with an external high gain antenna is contemplated. there is a hawking high gain antenna style collier that looks good as well, or a directional flat unit could be placed inside the vehicle pointing to the desired direction if the application is more predictably static. If the router is attached directly to the antenna there is better performance, the Italian marine vertical antennas from Miami company do this but beg to be stolen, ubiquity dishes have this and might work through the window.

"Camera Setup" manufacturer program finds the camera on the network and open button opens the browser at the latest dhcp address which is very handy.

wireless peer to peer has not been accomplished. Connection through with generic programs and generic standards has not been achieved.

The motion detection menu comes up blank with no controls, dunno although motion files are recorded. It appears that it is triggering with a static camera triggered by a small tv in the distance, I think, and long term it seems to work well despite no controls.

downloading file is 1920 x 1080 2015 kpbs 14fps, sound 16kbs mono 8khz,, I had set the main streaming to maximum but I don't know if that controls what goes to storage because there is no video to storage menu item.

a subsequent download with a low steaming setting ? did nor did not change SD card download video size? yes , an ultra low resolution on the primary stream produces a same low resolution recording so primary is the control.

The hd quality can be pushed higher than the defaults for the 'perfect bandwidth' setting I tested above. next test. Okay I had to reformat the SD card to get it to restart recording at max quality settings and it seemed to record nicely.

'task management' 'record on alarm' allows setting record to 'primary stream' so that seems to be where it is set.

A post on Amazon says 10,000 files locks up the SD card, so I set the limit at 5,000 and we shall see if it self deletes the oldest.

I exit setup by closing the browser, and cut off power and re-powered and settings seem the same. I have not tried reboot as I am not sure if that is too default.

There is a setting called 'watchdog' that does auto self rebooting that perhaps solves this SD card choke issue described in amazon post.dunno. so I have set it to reboot once a day, but when I tried a reboot manually I lost the time of day setting.... and it might not be held on power loss? maybe I should unset it now for later testing.

motion detect: 4 quadrants with variable sensitivity & threshold
rtsp:play & download
configurable video:primary, secondary, and mobile streams
card access: yes
camera stats (for browser interface over lan):
system name:spylab3
IP address (dhcp):
fixed on 1st one:

proprietary software (for interface with computer): camera live (don't lose CD)system name:spylab3, UID:admin, PW:francisg , software is called "camera live". download of CD has to extracted with all files to the root directory for the auto play to work , a thumb drive worked

proprietary software (for interface with phone): none/ yes , called 'anyscene' at Google app store, although seems generically usable with many brands, and maybe a pain in the ass that requires network that we may rarely if ever want.
$ 94.94

"if that SD card gets too many files on it (the max is 10,000) and the camera reboots the SD card goes into a state of perpetual failure. All 4 of my cameras have this problem. The trick is to pull out the SD card, put it in the computer, copy whatever video you need, and then reformat. " (this seems to argue for getting a smaller SD card....)


This car type seems to work to SD well with sub-frame motion detect mapping, and is under more long term testing. It can be a two camera system with gps. which I bought. if you want range from its wifi this is not for you. and the wifi access is limited to a good android app.

The rear 2nd camera may not work with aftermarket cables, and the stock cable is very long, so if you wanted to put it very close as I did , my short cable and camera is not working yet, support said to look for the green light next the red when the 2nd camera is working. "monoprice" brand cables have been reported to possibly working but I did not find the correct micro usb to mini usb on the site. the shortie I bought was from amazon "play x store" it did not work and now I see a message on the amazon site with someone complaining about no data function on the cable. asc "SD Card format is an option but we prefer doing it by holding down the triangle/event button for 3 seconds and then clicking again. In WiFi settings you can change the password from the default which is "11111111"

But the PC based wifi access does not function with the PC software, the PC software seems to be only for use with the SD card pulled from the camera and plugged into the PC. Using a Android tablet or some more powerful computer that will still run the Google store app may allow better functionality as my cheap android phone can operate the camera but it cannot play the stored or live video. ======================================

Blackbox my car sells a syncware f770 which may do parking motion detection okay, although the Blacksys has the best zone control to eliminate sky clouds and stuff, or so says support phone.


This model may meet our specification but is a bit expensive and I have not bought nor tested it. ============================

maybe this Trednet type is worth a try and cheap goes to 1200 not 1900?

Mobitix cameras from Germany are pricey ultra pro versions of SD card cameras, but maybe too bulky jury rigging and pricey to allow to be stolen.

Flir corporation has come out with a promising camera but it may be buggy new and is expensive. 114$ indoor,

***Update: 4/6/16: Updated app and some needed improvements, but still no IFTTT nor compatibility with ANY home automation system. With that said, whomever at Flir made the comment below about "IFTTT integration and IOT compatibility for future software releases" is either misinformed or the company is waiting till their new version of the camera releases...or waiting for the rest of the world to pass them by. I still have my second camera sitting in a box (received for free in a Flir drawing) because I don't need it in the house, but do outside. The plastic camera housing price has finally come down $6 from $75...but still too much. I have seen one close may be waterproof, but not $69 worth of waterproof. Come on Flir!

**Update: 4/22/15: -I just wanted to add that the SmartZone Alerts actually work! Samsung's version of the smart zones is why I returned their camera. They were sending notifications constantly even after I set the sensitivity low. For me, Flir's Smartzone Alerts literally only alerted me via push notification if something entered the zone. I set my zones up high so the pets don't trigger alerts constantly, and so far so good! The TV on the wall doesn't even trigger the zone alerts...that's not to say the TV will not trigger motion detection. **

The whole product is not up to the FLIR brand reputation ... it's really an ordinary device by Lorex with some quirky design ideas (removable base includes extra battery ... connecting to the microUSB base will charge, but not transfer data ... remove the base (it slides off sideways ... undocumented, you just have to fiddle around till it moves ...) then you can USB into the camera itself and it becomes a USB drive ... removing the micro SD can (does) damage its files (I lost all video several times as I trial-and-error experimented) and the micro SD doesn't seem to be readable (in a Mac) but it reads fine if you plug the whole camera in with the micro USB charging cable.

On the plus side, the rapid recap is cute, but uselessly limited unless you pay an insane monthly fee per camera ... that's their revenue hook. I think if don't mind the annual cost ($100 to have 7 days of storage ... $200 for 30 days ... just wildly expensive for the storage space, so you're paying the premium for the software service ... and they're currently offering a 50% discount if you pay for two cameras ... but again, they don't spell out their offer ... and there's other less-than-well-thought-through issues like installation relies on a QR code that is fixed to the bottom of the mount (which gets screwed into the wall where you're installing, so it's no longer visible ... and could be damaged during installation ... that said, I'd say the installation is as easy as any. The app could be better ... and there's no way to easily handle the recap files ... they seem to want you to leave those on their server and there's no easy management app when you log in to the Flirfx site to manage the camera ... you don't have a lot of control ... I can't even figure out how to invert the image so the camera can be installed upside down ... : ) ref: see less

  By Adam Green on June 22, 2015



++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ =========================================

Bought these 2 Samsung's....

Sadly the Samsung's had in-capabilities/problems, and could not meet our functions specifications.

SamsungSmartCam model SNH-P6410BN (round):

motion detect:sensitivity 1-5
configurable video:no
card access: yes
primitive, single screen configuration

camera stats (for browser interface over lan):
mac address:00 16 6C 9E 38 A9
IP address:
private key:francisg
Samsung user stats (for interface through website):
web account ID:francisgentile
camera name:spylab1
camera PW:francisg
proprietary software (for interface with computer): none proprietary software (for interface with phone): Samsung smartcam

motion detect:sensitivity 1-5


nice mount


This one turned out to be a counterfeit model, the real ones cost much more and should be US models for US and there is local support, However there is a Pir motion detector which do not work through windows, it may have video detection also but at this time I have not spent the money for another real one.



Camera stats (for browser interface over lan-browser plug-in for video image didn't work):



Review sources this is a dash action cam review place but not very directly addressing 'parking' cameras with true zonal motion detection. (most motion detection in the dash cam market is detecting the entire shot moving to guess that the car is running, but we want the cameras to work when the car is parked. you tube channel of same dude.


This is techmoans review of the the 0806 which I did by buy it is whole picture motion detection, so does not cut the mustard.

manufactures website


Bought one, but the motion detecting is whole frame,

can use small file mode and loop, a usable action cam however, general video camera use


has a motion detection

1/4 inch mount needs weather housing


Cameras below do not have a viewfinder


Mobius Camera - The 1080p Action Cam, Dash-Cam, Anything Cam - Full review (with samples).*Version*=1&*entries*=

Loop but no motion detection see rcgroups, camera not on flat side, poor for wall box mount time stamp, power on recording however. good camera.